#HydrosHacks : Here’s How To Get Back –To-School Hydration!

#HydrosHacks : Here’s How To Get Back –To-School Hydration!

Written by Hydros Life

Summer is soon coming to an end, which can only mean one thing.

It’s time for your kids to pack up those backpacks and get back to school – And while there are many things they need before they go, there’s one thing they need more than anything: brain power!

Here’s why you child needs to hydrate!

Most people know how dehydration affects our physical health, but its impact on the brain is often neglected. The brain is about 70% water, so it makes sense that staying hydrated is fundamental (no pun intended!) for proper function; even mild dehydration effects important cognitive functions like memory, alertness, and concentration. Plus, studies show that kids who drank more water performed better on visual attention tasks.

How can you help?

School-going kids will always be dependent on us to get what they need. Making sure they have enough water is an essential part of keeping them – and their brains – sharp, but more importantly safe.

It’s always a good time for a water break

Whether your child is starting kindergarten or their senior year of high school, their hydration needs should be a big part of keeping them happy and healthy. Here are some #HydrosApprovedHacks to ensure your child gets hydration breaks that aren’t limited to lunch hour at school:

  • Pack it up with taste
  • Kids are all about the taste. Filtered water can really taste better so try filtering water at home you can then use  on the go! (insert link to?).

  • Dilute their juices
  • More water, more fruit, but  less added sugar. Your kids won’t even notice as they chug away their juices at breakfast before they head back to school.

  • Give them a pep talk
  • Encourage your child to drink more water throughout the day, and not just when they are feeling thirsty. Their brains will do the rest.

  • Plan out those lunch boxes
  • Water isn’t your child’s only hope for hydration. Spruce up their lunchboxes with hydrating fruits and vegetables. We’ve got a handy list that will quench your thirst right here!

  • Get creative
  • Skip those sugary, dehydrating drinks after school. Get creative with these healthy fruit-infused summer coolers, which you can have all season long!

  • Make it a game
  • Make it a game to see who manages to get their daily requirement of H2O. Kids love a great competition!  

    Hydration decides how active your child is during the day, so it’s important that they get access to fresh, filtered water at home, in school or even when they are on the go. And if they are playing sports, they need even more water to retain those lost fluids.

    But how do you ensure that they do?

    The king of all school supplies is here.

    Disposable water bottles aren’t doing any good for the world (Have you learned how to #DitchTheDisposable yet?), plus tap water isn’t all that safe for your family (and more importantly, your child).

    With Hydros’ ultra-lightweight water filter bottles that filter water five times faster, your kids can finally say goodbye to bulky reservoirs, expensive and wasteful single use bottles and more importantly, unsafe water!

    And what if they are going to college?

    With back-to-back classes and a hectic college schedule, living away from home (and staying hydrated) can be really difficult. With our intuitive design and our special Multi Filter™, Hydros adds an extra layer of protection to the water fountain as it helps your teen get access to fresh, filtered water-on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.  

    It’s the perfect water filter bottle for school or college (and back home) – fast, flexible and a fashion statement too. Let homework and assignments be your child’s only worry when they head back to school – because you’ve got their hydration on schedule. How?

    With nothing else, but Hydros.

    Get your kids up to speed (and up to date) and find them the perfect dorm mate with our line of filtering water bottles for school and colleges right here – you’ll only thank us later.