It Is Time To Ditch the Disposable

It Is Time To Ditch the Disposable

Written by Hydros Life

It Is Time To Ditch the Disposable

Remember those resolutions to drink more water in 2018? One month down –the truth is you’ve never felt more hydrated.You’ve been buying water on your way to the gym. You’ve been buying water on your way back home. At the park. During your lunch break. While waiting in line at the supermarket. In fact, you’ve been buying water on the go, everyday, every way. So convenient, just get what you need when you need it right? Unfortunately, those bottles that you buy - they are piling up.

All your plastic bottle stats, bottled up

  • The world drinks about $100 Billion worth of bottled water every year.

    • The United States consumes 50 Billion of these bottles each year.

      •  That’s 1500 bottles of water per second!

        And what’s worse?

        And THAT’s not even the bad news. These bottles end up in landfills from where the debris get dumped into waterways directly or end up in storm drains. All of which flows back into the ocean, untreated and unfiltered! These bottles are clogging up our rivers, lakes and our seas
        and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Isn’t that reason enough to ditch disposable plastic? We sure hope so. If you’ve been
        worrying about the dire consequences of a bottled water habit (whether environmental or personal), you know just what to do.

        It’s time to replace disposable plastic bottles

        It’s true that bottled water is wreaking havoc on the earth and all its resources. We’ve prioritized convenience over doing the right thing for way too long, but now’s the time to finally take a stand. Are you looking for more reasons to dump that bottle? Here are a few more:

        1. Honestly, it isn’t any cleaner or safer.

        In fact, there are fewer health regulations on bottled water than there are

        on tap water! In fact, did you know that almost 40% of bottled water comes from municipal water systems.

        2. Bottled water costs about 300-2000X more than regular water.

        Do you think that your health needs protection? So does your wallet!

        3. 17 million barrels of oil are used in the production of disposable water bottles every year

        That’s enough to fuel one million cars for an entire year!

        4. If that doesn’t scare you, how about the fact that 80% of water bottles end up in landfills.

        Some end up in recycling plants, but others find their way as litter on roadsides and waterways – and you know where that goes - right back into our streams. Why is that worse?

        This plastic further breaks down into tinier pieces, which marine animals mistake for food and ingest. Remember that these pieces never biodegrade, instead they stay around indefinitely, continuing to pose a threat for animal life and water quality!

        What you can do then?

        Buy a reusable bottle.

        Use it on the go, and fill it up whenever you want to! Filling up is free, right?

        But don’t reuse disposable water bottles.

        These may leach chemicals after repeated use, and usually can’t be cleaned properly. What do you do with them then? Straight into the recycling bin they go!

        Take a stand.

        Do your bit for the environment, and ensure the government maintains high standards when they deal with plastic waste management. Want to do more? Support initiatives that ban bottled water – like Take Back The Tap!Plastic water bottles might seem convenient, but the economic, environmental and health effects of using them easily outweigh them – which is why disposing off your plastic waste becomes so crucial. So what do you do the next time you feel thirsty? You pause, before you decide to stock up on a disposable water bottle at the corner store.

        Go for a reusable bottle instead – It’s healthier for you, for your wallet, but most importantly, it’s healthier for the planet. (Plus, did we forget to mention how it’s easy to use?) You’ll only thank us later.