#HydrosHacks: Six Healthy Summer Coolers You’ll Be Sipping All Season Long!

#HydrosHacks: Six Healthy Summer Coolers You’ll Be Sipping All Season Long!

Written by Hydros Life

#HydrosHacks: Six Healthy Summer Coolers You’ll Be Sipping All Season Long!

Summer is officially here.

 Which means a dewey post work out glow after the gym, that presentation at work or even lounging at the beach or pool.

 So what does that mean?

 It means that you need to hydrate yourself!

Water is the one drink you need to get your hands on right away. But we get it; drinking plain water can be a labor of love especially when you are trying to drink those 8+ glasses a day.

So how do you beat the heat without beating the bottle?

 This is where infused drinks come to the rescue! After all, who doesn't love a cool, tasty beverage that's not loaded with added sugar? We do!

 Infusing is fun with Hydros

 Making our infused water recipes is easy, especially when you have the Hydros fruit infuser (Here’s what popular lifestyle blogger Hello Betty has to say about it). All you need are a few fruits, some fresh, filtered water and a thirst for goodness. Want to know more?

 We have a few tips and tricks to help you right here:

  • Add your (well-rinsed) fruits and herbs to the desired about of water and let it infuse for about 3-4 hours for the best flavor. 


  • You can also let the water infuse overnight. 

infuse water

  • After the water has infused for half a day, remove the fruits and herbs.
  • The infused water can then be stored in the refrigerator (or your Hydros pitcher) for up to 3 days!
  • You can reuse the fruit after infusing, but remember that the flavor will have lessened the second time!
  • The best bit? You can make and store all these delicious drinks in your Hydros pitcher!

Now that the tough part is over, the rest is as simple as slicing a cucumber!

 Don’t let the scorching heat bring you down—these hydrating (and extremely nutritious) drinks will keep your energy levels high, give you a boost of freshness and help you stay cool all summer long:

 1. Cucumber + Mint

 What you need:

 5-6 slices of cucumber

Four mint leaves

18 ounces of water

Transport yourself to another (more hydrated) world with this quintessential combination. You’ll only thank us later.


2. Strawberry + Basil

 What you need:

 4 small strawberries

A few sprigs of basil

18 ounces of water

This combination is as incredible as it a source of Folic Acid, Potassium, Vitamin C and K!


3. Ginger + Peach

 What you need:

 One inch-long piece of ginger

5-6 slices peach slices

18 ounces of water

We all know that fresh ginger is a part of everyday life – combine it with fruit and you’ll have a sweet-spicy concoction that’s the perfect summer remedy for everything from indigestion to the common cold!


4. Watermelon + Mint

 What you need:

 Eight cubes of diced watermelon

A handful of mint leaves

18 ounces of water

Feeling thirsty? Whip up the ultimate thirst-quencher this season (without worrying about the calories) to satiate all your needs.


5. Blueberries + Lemon

 What you need:

 A handful of berries

2-3 slices of lime

16 ounces of water

This infused drink is the perfect concoction when you are looking for stronger bones, better skin and improved brain function!  Can we really make these claims for the infused amount of fruit?


6. Pomegranate + tarragon

 What you need:

 One fully peeled pomegranate

A few sprigs of tarragon

16 ounces of water

Why not dress up your water with the ruby-red goodness of pomegranate? It’s the perfect (all-natural) detoxifying drink to sip on!

Waiting to try out all these deliciously hydrating recipes? Well, now you can.

With nothing else, but Hydros.

 Get your Hydros Pitcher here!