#HydrosHackGuide: 5 easy ways to drink water with Hydros!

#HydrosHackGuide: 5 easy ways to drink water with Hydros!

Written by Hydros Life

#HydrosHackGuide: 5 easy ways to drink water with Hydros!

You’ve read about the benefits of drinking water online, but are you still struggling to reach your daily water quota?

While it’s known that you need to get your 8+ glasses of fresh, filtered water every day, research shows that only a fraction of our population gets sufficient H20 on an everyday basis. Now, if you fall in the latter category, you don’t need to fret. We’ve got you (and your bottles) covered.

To help you with your drinking dilemma, the Hydros team presents its special #HydrosHackGuide to ensure you are drinking enough water every day!

Raise a glass and read on:

  1. Challenge your loved ones

One of the best ways to kick-start a healthy habit is to involve your friends and family in a drinking water challenge!

The challenge encourages you to stay motivated, while keeping you accountable by inviting your friends on board. Need an extra kick? Spruce up and make it more fun by setting yourself goals and getting that well-deserved treat when you accomplish them!

  1. Make a game out of it

When something seems fun, you no longer need to force yourself to do it. Gamification is an effective tool way to get yourself to do a lot of things, and drinking water is no exception.

So have you thought about playing a round of Water Pong?

  1. Add it to your routine

If you already have a morning and bedtime routine make drinking water a part of it. Incorporate a few gulps between your everyday schedule, and it won’t be difficult to transition your thirst into a lifelong habit!

  1. Download that app

If you are still struggling to get your daily dose of H2O, download that water app to remind you to pick up that glass.  These set alarms or reminders that tell you to drink water every hour, or even let you choose personal triggers to get sipping!

Side note: Did you know that apps like Aqualert, Daily Water and Waterlogged are free (and fun) to use?

  1. Find the right bottle (and filter)

We’ve said it before, but if you are someone who likes the convenience of water-on-the-go, but also care about the environment (and looking good), invest in a good looking, lightweight reusable bottle that you can carry along wherever you go – to the gym, to work, or even while you go for a run in the park!

Finding a bottle that works with your lifestyle will make sure that you stay hydrated, while also helping you make a style statement about your #HealthyHabits. 

Just make sure that you #DitchTheDisposable!

Drinking more water can literally change your life for the better. When you are properly hydrated, you digest your food easier, sleep better and think with a clearer head! And with your daily dose of great-tasting water, remember that every sip from a Hydros bottle is good for you!

After all, it’s nothing, but Hydros!