• HYDROS empowers you to

    waitless &
    live more.


  • 5 times faster filtering


    Fills in 40 seconds

  • No bulky reservoirs to wait on (or to fill twice!) 


    Fills in one minute

  • Fast fill times for the filtering bottle, carafe & pitcher


    Fills in 20 seconds

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    One Hydros Multi FilterTM
    for all vessels

    The same filter for the bottle, carafe and pitcher.Independently tested to the highest NSF 42 / Class 1 standard.Made from 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing.Replace your filter about every 40 gallons or every 2 months.

  • Speed

  • Easy Set-up

  • BPA Free

  • Easy Installation

  • On average, most filters will need to be changed every two months.

    Fast and Easy Installation

    No pre-soaking required!

  • Remove wrapping and
    seal tapes from both ends.

  • Flush filter with cold water for
    15 seconds. (Some carbon dust
    is normal, simply wipe off).

  • Snap into lid of
    any Hydros vessel.

  • How does hydros makes you

    feel good about drinking more water?

  • Fast

    5x faster than the leading filter.

    No more waiting forever to filter - drink more freshly filtered water FAST everywhere your life takes you.

  • Modern

    Elegant and easy to use designs look great in your fridge or on your dinner table.

    Hydros believes great design can transcend utility - fashion meets function.

  • Simple

    Whether filling, pouring or changing your FAST FLO TECH filter, Hydros products are simple and intuitive to use – so you hydrate more easily and more often.

    One Hydros Multi FilterTM - tested to the highest NSF 42 / Class 1 standard – works for all vessels function.

  • Sustainable

    Help keep plastic water bottles out of our oceans.

    Hydros products use less material and are designed with responsibly sourced BPA-free acrylic.