Black Friday
with Hydros

Enjoy purified water wherever you go. Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year.


5X faster
than the competition


Filter water up to 5x faster than our competitors, without sacrificing quality. Our filters are rated NSF 42/ Class 1 Standard.


Our filters are made from 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA free casing – which means it’s safe for you and the environment.


Designed with the savvy consumer in mind, we spent years making a more beautiful, modern vessel to suit your lifestyle.

With a commitment to sustainability and the most intuitive approach to hydration for today’s modern lifestyle. We believe in Transcending Utility - Beautiful Products designed around superior performance and technology. Why settle for one or the other when you can have both.

We believe in simplifying without sacrificing


Less time waiting, fewer filters, less space in your fridge, less single use plastic in your trash and in our oceans. Because of our FAST FLO TECH filters and efficient design, we also use less materials overall. We do More – with Less, so you can too.

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We were using Brita before and this one looks much more better and tbh works better for us. It pretty much instantly filters the water. We had that weird taste the first time we filled it but then it got better over time.


Happy with my purchase!

I love this product! So easy to fill, enough water for the day, and doesnt take up much room on the fridge. You dont have to wait for the water to filter!!

L.J. Garrison

No wait for water to filter!

I purchased one of these after visiting a friend who owns two. I absolutely loved them. I use this pitcher every day despite having a water filter built into my fridge. They look sleek as well.

Courtney Ruiz

Great Product!

Beautifully designed so you’ll want to use it every day
Crafted With Superior Technology to Look Good, Do Good and Make You Feel Good