• Back to School

    Hydration decides how active your child is during the day, so it’s important that they get access to fresh, filtered water at home, in school or even when they are on the go.

    With Hydros’ ultra-lightweight bottles that filter water five times faster, your kids can finally say goodbye

    • To bulky reservoirs,
    • Unreliable water fountains,
    • Expensive single use bottles and
    • More importantly, unsafe water!

    Get your child up to speed (and up to date) with our line of filtering bottles, carafes and pitchers right here.

  • Back to College

    With back-to-back classes and a hectic college schedule, living away from home (and staying hydrated) can be really difficult.

    With our intuitive design and our special Multi Filter™, Hydros adds an extra layer of protection to the water fountains and tap water that gives your teens access to fresh, filtered water-on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

    Give them the perfect dorm mate from our range of filtering bottles, carafes and pitchers.