#HydrosHacks: Seven Successful Tips To Stay Active At The Workplace!

#HydrosHacks: Seven Successful Tips To Stay Active At The Workplace!

Written by Hydros Life

#HydrosHacks: Six Successful Tips To Stay Active At The Workplace this Fall Season!

If you are someone who spends most of their waking hours working at an office desk, we know how difficult it can be to get out of the rut and get going towards a fit, fantastic life. The monotonous, stressful life of spreadsheets often takes a toll on maintaining the health regime. And bidding farewell to the warm active summer as fall rolls in only makes it more difficult to maintain healthy hacks at office!

But why is it important to stay extra vigilant during seasonal changes? Let’s find out!

How Seasonal Changes Impact Your Health

Fall is almost here. Leaves are changing color and the days are getting shorter by the day. Isn’t this a great time to go for long walks and enjoy the sun before fall turns into winter? It sure is, but not if you’re sneezing, congested, and too tired to get out of bed.

Change from summer to fall brings a lot of health issues with it. It is a time to shift gears and adapt to fewer daylight hours, changed eating urges, and ragweed pollen everywhere. It is also the beginning of the dry season, and many of us become dehydrated because we simply feel it is not hot enough to be drinking a lot of water!!!

A static, dehydrated human body is most prone to sulk and gloom; significantly reducing efficiency and quality of work. Ensuring that we’re equipped with the best defenses possible against the prevalent colds, flu, and other imbalances, is the most proactive response to the changing seasons.

There are plenty of ways you can be up and about in the workplace during seasonal changes. Stay healthy, energetic, and efficient with these simple #HydrosHacks.

1. Start your day with a glass of water in the morning
You can add half a lemon in it as well to flush out the harmful toxins. A glass of fresh fruit juice rich in Vitamin-C is also a perfect start for the day.

2. Walk (or at least ride) to work!
If you can bike or walk (or even run) to work, this can be an excellent way to fit more activity into your day – and you’ll arrive feeling fresh and energised, with a clear mind. Better yet, use stairs and reduce those muscle pains from sitting continuously!

3. Remind yourself to move
Put some time in your calendar and set an alarm to remind you to take a break – then get up and go for a short walk around the building, or up and down the stairs. Even small amounts of movement throughout the day can have amazing health benefits. 

4. Find a ‘health meal’ buddy
Following those self-imposed healthy eating habits is easier when you have someone to share it with. Talk to some of your co-workers and see who’s interested in forming a healthy lunch group where you can share seasonal recipes and eat better.

5. Maintain personal hygiene at work
Fall is the time when allergies run wild and unchecked. And the best way to not let office bugs catch you is to ensure personal hygiene! Keep a hand sanitizer with you and avoid sharing personal items. It’s also a good idea to carry your own water bottle.

6. Most importantly, drink lots of water throughout the day
Increased water intake helps prevent many acute and chronic illnesses. Drinking more water can also improve memory retention, focus on work, and other cognitive abilities. Be sure to keep a bottle or carafe of filtered drinking water at your desk.

While taking long breaks and planning lunch for the week or day may sound daunting, chugging down water is an easy cheat code to maintain good health. Keep up with detox regimes in the busy work schedules – drink more water.

Get Your Daily Dose of Hydration at the Workplace – Make Hydros Your New Office Buddy

While you are taking care of your health, how about doing something for the environment’s health as well? Forget the disposable bottled water and take your own drinking water bottle to office.

Handy water filters are the easiest starters to set the tone for a healthy lifestyle. We’ve said it before, but if you are someone who likes the convenience of water-on-the-go, but also care about the environment (and looking good), you need to invest in a good looking, lightweight reusable bottle that you can carry along wherever you go. And we’ve got the best option right here.

Welcome fall with a healthy lifestyle change.

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