The Game-changing Secret to Changing the Way You Drink Water!

The Game-changing Secret to Changing the Way You Drink Water!

Written by Hydros Life

The Game-changing Secret to Changing the Way You Drink Water!

Water might be the life-sustaining liquid that is essential for your health, but when you are drinking straight from the tap, you aren’t exactly tapping into the healthiest option.

Think before you turn on the tap

When you are drinking unfiltered tap (or even spring) water, you end up getting a lot more than you bargained for - chlorine, fluorine compounds and assorted pesticides, just to name a few.

Is bottled water any better?

In one word - NO. There’s never a good reason to buy a plastic bottle of water, and if you are someone who does, we’d urge you to #DitchTheDisposable. Bottled water is unregulated, expensive and even the EPA says that it isn’t necessarily safer than tap water.

So WHAT do you do?

The answer is simple. Filter your water.

Water filters for pitchers at home and for bottles (on the go) work best as they work well for the space-challenged. How so?

Because they’re portable, need no installation, fit easily in the fridge and are amazing when you want water-on-the-go. Why are we telling you this?

Because we’ve got great news for you right here.

Say hello to Hydros.

Hydros’ fast-flo techTM filters and efficient design is the most efficient and easiest approach to filtered water that lets you live more freely — and empowers you to do more with less: less time waiting, fewer filters, less occupied space in your fridge or on your kitchen counter and dining table.  

Hydros is good for everyone, including our planet. In fact, we don't use ion exchange resin or plastic micro beads that are used in multiple water filtration systems because they can pollute our oceans. (Want to learn more about Ion exchange resins / plastic micro-beads? Click here.)

Filter your way to good health

Here’s what you need to know about H2O, and how to turn it back into the health drink that nature intended. Unfiltered tap water is ‘dirtier’ than it looks, and with good reason.

No seriously, your water is funky.

Statistics show that roughly 85% of the population drinks unfiltered tap water that is laced with more than 300 contaminants, and a lot of them have long-term effects that you probably don’t know about.

So, what do you say when someone asks you how to easily get clean, tasty water?

Get Hydros. Get hydrated. Get healthy.

After all – it’s nothing but Hydros.