Know Your Filter: How does the Hydros Multi FilterTM work for fresher, filtered water?

Know Your Filter: How does the Hydros Multi FilterTM work for fresher, filtered water?

Written by Hydros Life

Know Your Filter: How does the Hydros Multi FilterTM work for fresher,filtered water?

We knew there had to be a better solution to get your 8+ glasses of freshly filtered great tasting water each day.

 So we created the Hydros Multi FilterTM.

 What is this magic filter that you don’t know about?

 The Hydros Multi FilterTM relies on Fast-Flo tech® which filters five times faster than the leading competitor. That means you get to hydrate five times faster. But what’s the secret behind this?

 Here’s an all-access pass to our Multi FilterTM Factory!

 The Hydros Multi FilterTM is independently tested to filter out chlorine and particulate matter so you have better tasting water any time and anywhere you want it.  But how effective is it in its quest to get you pure, wholesome water?

 A lot.

 Let’s start with the basics!

 Hydros Multi FiltersTM are made of only 100% coconut shell carbon (activated charcoal) in a BPA free casing. How does the activated charcoal help filter your water, you ask?

  1. While it removes the dangerous contents present in your water, it does not get rid of the healthy nutrients - zero chemicals, full nutrition.
  1. Filters using activated charcoal also require very little maintainence.
  1. It removes odor and bad taste from tap water, leaving you with fresh, filtered great-tasting water!

 At the same time, the Hydros Multi FilterTM does not contain Ion Exchange Resin or plastic micro beads – both used in most other water filtration systems,  which are unhealthy and can also pollute our oceans and the environement. Some other important points not to gloss over:

  1. As an alternative to Hydros, Ion exchange systems can be really costly.
  1. They also require a large amount of water; in fact, the average ion exchange system in a single home can waste approximately 150 gallons per week. 

Which is why we say that the Hydros Multi FilterTM is the 'most efficient and easiest approach to filtered water that lets you live more freely' – it makers water filtering safer, easier, and faster.

 Some other facts you shouldn’t be filtering out when it comes to the Hydros Multi FilterTM

  • Reduces chlorine on average by over 90% !
  • Removes particulates up to 100x smaller than the leading filtering bottle!
  • One Hydros fast-flo tech filter can keep 300 plastic bottles out of our oceans!
  • Weighs almost 50% less on an average than leading filters found around the world!
  • It takes less than a minute to fill up a 64 oz. pitcher of water! Less time waiting, more time drinking!
  • Just one Hydros Multi FilterTM works with all three vessels – bottle, pitcher and carafe!

 And that’s why the next time someone offers you their approach to filtering water, you can feel confident knowing you are filtering best, with Hydros.