#HydrosPicks: Our Top 10 Dad Bloggers Who Are Acing Fatherhood this Father’s Day!

#HydrosPicks: Our Top 10 Dad Bloggers Who Are Acing Fatherhood this Father’s Day!

Written by Hydros Life

It’s Father’s Day!

From holding our hands as we take our first step, to letting go when we are ready, dads are the men we all aspire to be (or be with).

A dad is a son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.

While parenting blogs on Instagram can often feel quite mom-focused, there are special dads out there who are acing fatherhood with their stories – stories where they break stereotypes, build character and inspire you to be the best versions of yourself.

From dads who pack their kids’ delicious lunchboxes to the ones who travel the world with their toddlers in tow, Hydros picks out ten such amazing dads who aren’t just great fathers, but men who capture fatherhood at its finest:

  1.     Beau Coffron (@lunchboxdad)

Having been featured in People magazine, Martha Steward, E! Online and Buzzfeed, Beau (a father of three) is the culinary genius behind Lunchbox Dad. Breaking gender stereotypes with his delicious bento boxes, Beau Coffron makes food look as good as it tastes!

We are sure his kids would agree.

  1.     DADventurer (@the_dadventurer)

Fresh off winning the #2 UK Dad Blog award, this stay-at-home father chronicles the tales of living at home and taking care of the kids, in true dad style (with all the dad jokes in place). His blog is so relatable; you’d be left wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself!

  1.     James Estrada (@nerdyathomedad)

James is no ordinary stay-at-home dad; he is a stay-at-home dad with a nerdy twist. If you want to know more about his quirky (but cool) adventures through the world of comic references with his son, follow him pronto!

  1.     David Clark (@Davidavidavid)

A geology and Seinfeld expert, this dad of two takes his kids (and us) on a tour around the world – from Japan to Ireland to even Hawaii – breaking the biggest myth of them all. Children do make for great travel company. Follow him for tips on do’s and don’ts when you plan a trip with your children next time!

  1.     Alan Lawrence (@Thatdadblog)

With close to 142k followers on Instagram, this art director and website designer shares with us the joys and challenges of fatherhood on his blog. If hipster babies and cute photos make you happy, this is the Instagram account you need to subscribe to right away.

  1.     Kevin Blankenship (@Kevin_blankenship)

The dad behind this breakfast-themed Instagram account has perfected the unusual craft of pancake art  - and his two pancake-loving sons are his inspiration!

With fluffy renditions from Game Of Thrones, Jurassic Park and Star Wars, this is the one breakfast item you’ll never miss.

  1.     Fathers Of Daughters (@fathers_of_daughters)

As a father of four highly energetic daughters, Simon (also known as FOD) cuts through the typical stereotypically perfect family life with a hilarious account of his own (sometimes stressful) life as a dad. If you are looking for advice to raise smart, strong women, this is the blog to follow!

  1. Not So Funny Dad (@notsofunnydad)

Nigel (Not So Funny Dad) lives with his wife and two kids, documenting the intimate but extremely funny side of new-age parenting. Are you tired of cheesy family portraits that look staged? Then follow this artistic father of two as he takes it to a whole new level. Family love has never been so funny (and also heartwarming).

  1.     Aubrey McCoy (@aubreymccoy)

Texas-based photographer McCoy's racked up more than 36,000 followers on Instagram thanks to cool snaps of motorcycles, the great outdoors and, of course, his four cute kids.

  1. Dualleh Abdulrahma (@afrosamorai)

We’re not sure what we love more, Dualleh Abdulrahma’s perfectly put-together getups, or the stylist and image consultant’s impeccably dressed toddler (who’s also his mini me). This is one seriously dapper duo.

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