#HydrosApproved Hacks To Make Hydrating More Fun!

#HydrosApproved Hacks To Make Hydrating More Fun!

Written by Hydros Life

 #HydrosApproved Hacks To Make Hydrating More Fun!

We all know how important it is to get your daily dose of H2O, but why can’t it be more fun?

Water is an essential requirement for every body function, yet 75% of Americans don’t get enough of it. Is there a way to salvage the situation?

Yes, there is! To make sure you don’t sacrifice your required water intake, here are a few #HydrosApproved hacks that make drinking water more enjoyable:

Add some flavor

Get bored of drinking plain water because it has no taste? We know where you are coming from.

Give that much-needed kick to your drink by adding a wedge of lime, lemon or even a single slice of cucumber to enhance the flavor and make it a lot more fun to drink!

Spruce it up with a filter

If we can spruce up our Instagram pictures with filters, then why should we limit ourselves when it comes to water?

Filtered water can taste much better! These filters are quintessentially designed to remove impurities such as chlorine, while making sure that the healthy minerals and fluoride (which are really good for your health) stay right where they belong - in your daily dose of H2O.


Accessorize with a cool lightweight bottle

If you are someone who likes the convenience of water-on-the-go, but also care about the environment (and looking good), invest in a good looking, lightweight reusable bottle that you can carry along wherever you go – to the gym, to work, or even while you go for a run in the park!

Finding a bottle that works with your lifestyle will make sure that you stay hydrated, while also helping you make a style statement about your #HealthyHabits.
Just make sure that you #DitchTheDisposable!

Replace to refresh yourself

Cut down the calories and carve out a craving for water by swapping out your sugary drinks – you’ll find that you develop more of a thirst for water by cutting out all the added sugar!

Plus have you thought about all these health benefits?

Set up a timer

If you are still struggling to get enough water in during the day, set enough timers to remind yourself to drink through your bottle(s) – making a game out of it will only challenge you to drink more!

However, if you still find yourself to be a fan of the snooze button, designate a few simple cues throughout the course of the day: maybe you drink a whole glass whenever you take a break or chug one after you use the washroom? Or how about having a sipping session after every cup of coffee?

Cut out the caffeine

Which brings us to this. You might love your cup of coffee as your daily wake-up call, but did you know that caffeine interferes with your body’s water balance?

Thankfully water is naturally caffeine-free! Thus, by resolving to eliminate caffeinated drinks and replacing them with simple H2O, you and your body are more likely to reap the benefits!

Now isn’t that a wake-up call?

But factor in your food!

Drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated.

A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with the goodness of water, so make sure you load up on your greens and other water-rich foods! These high water-content foods are refreshing, filled with nutrients, and naturally low in calories.

Consider Sunshine

Prolonged exposure of the sun might damage your skin, but also ends up leaving you dehydrated.

The next time you find yourself outdoors, remember to bring that reusable bottle of water (along with that bottle of sunscreen)!

And mix it up for more fun!

Have a favorite juice that you love to binge (and cleanse) on?

Give it a much-needed makeover by adding water! It dilutes the sweetness, and makes loading up on your daily requirement of water more tempting.

Have more ideas that’ll help make hydration the main focus of your New Year? Raise a glass to us in our comments section!