Hydros Partners with Oceana to Help Protect and Restore Oceans

Hydros Partners with Oceana to Help Protect and Restore Oceans

Written by Hydros Life

Hydros Partners with Oceana to Help Protect and Restore Oceans

Brand of fast-filtering vessels announces ongoing partnership with leading ocean preservation organization

Hydros, a brand offering elegantly designed and efficient water filtering vessels, announced today a campaign to support Oceana, a global ocean conservation organization. Hydros has contributed to the international advocacy organization to support its mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans, as it continues to promote a healthy lifestyle through its line of reusable filtered water vessels.

Hydros announced the official launch of its new line of sustainable and fast-filtering pitchers, carafes and bottles last month and has since made a donation pledge with Oceana, contributing a portion of sales directly to the organization’s efforts. The global ocean conservation group seeks to make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were.

“We’re thrilled to work with Oceana on our shared mission of ocean conservation, which is more important to our planet than ever before,” said Winston Ibrahim, co-founder and CEO of Hydros. “At Hydros, we’ve spent years engineering and developing a lightweight, sustainable line of reusable filtering bottles because consumers need a fast and easy alternative solution to do away with using disposable plastic water bottles, which are  a major contributor to ocean pollution. Working with this inspiring organization allows us to further our positive environmental impact while also helping our customers get involved in an important cause.”

According to a study published in the journal Science in 2015, it’s estimated that more than eight million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean each year. Hydros created reusable, fast-filtering vessels to not only help consumers save time, but also to help preserve our oceans and planet. In addition to its work with Oceana, the company plans to further its commitment to the environment throughout 2018 by supporting water and environment-preserving charities through giving back a portion of net sales.

“We’re excited to join with Hydros and their efforts to reduce plastic pollution,” said Jon Frank, Director, Marketing & Corporate Relationships at Oceana. “Their support will empower Oceana to continue fighting for – and winning – the policies that will protect and restore our oceans.”

Hydros products are available at www.hydroslife.com including a 64 oz. pitcher, a 40 oz. carafe and a 20 oz. bottle.

About Hydros

Founded in 2009, San Francisco-based Hydros is a brand of modern and elegantly crafted filtered water vessels. Its skillfully engineered, patented fast flowing filtration system and artfully designed sustainable pitchers, carafes and bottles fit today’s fluid lifestyles. Hydros reduces plastic waste and saves consumers time and money - allowing them to wait less and live more.


About Oceana

Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Oceana is rebuilding abundant and biodiverse oceans by winning science-based policies in countries that control one third of the world’s wild fish catch. With more than 200 victories that stop overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution and killing of threatened species like turtles and sharks, Oceana’s campaigns are delivering results. A restored ocean means that one billion people can enjoy a healthy seafood meal, every day, forever. Together, we can save the oceans and help feed the world.

For more on Oceana, visit www.oceana.org and @Oceana on social.