40 oz Water Carafe Red With Filter

With a compact yet elegant and versatile design, this Carafe includes the HYDROS Multi FilterTM and fills up in 40 seconds. Perfect for the refrigerator door or nightstand where a sip is always within easy reach.

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  • Filter Fast: Fills 40 oz. in about 40 seconds
  • Filter Once: No slow reservoir to fill twice
  • Filter Well: Independently tested for NSF 42/Class 1 Level
  • Includes 1 HYDROS Multi FilterTM powered by Fast FLO TECH
  • Filters 5 times faster than the competition
  • 40 oz. / 5 cup capacity
  • BPA-free plastic with soft-touch decorative silicon base
  • Hand wash vessel and cap with mild soap, made easier with our cleaning brush
  • 4.2” length x 4.2” width x 10.6” height
  • Weighs 0.82 lbs. unfilled

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Product Features

Flip Top Lid

Flip top for one-handed faster, easier filling.

Snap on HYDROS Multi FilterTM and infuser are easy to install.

Pouring spout self-regulates flow of water to prevent gushing.

HYDROS Multi FilterTM

HYDROS Multi FilterTM is independently tested to highest particle filtration standard for drinking water (NSF 42 / Class 1) to reduce over 90% of Chlorine and 99% of Sediment (Particulate Class 1)

Our proprietary FAST FLO TECH filter uses only 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-Free casing.

Replace filters every 40 gallons or approximately every 2 months if refilling about 2.1 times daily.

Filter installation


Fills in about 40 seconds.

Filters 5 times faster than the competition.


Lightweight ergonomic design thats ready for company.

Decorative, colorful silicon base provides skid-proof protection.

Small base ensures easy fit in most refrigerator door shelves.

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