Water Bottle Bundle - Home & Away // White + Grey + Violet

The Home & Away Bundle includes one 64oz Pitcher and two 20oz bottles. Each one features HYDROS FAST FLO TECH, filtering water 5 times as fast as traditional methods. The filters are simple to use and easy to install and replace, allowing you to take clean, filtered water with you anywhere you go.

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  • Materials : BPA Free Plastic
  • Measurements :6"L X 5.2"W X 10.8"H & 3"L X 4.2"W X 9.4"H
  • Includes :
    • 64oz White Pitcher Along With 1 FAST FLO TECH Multi Filter TM
    • Two 20 oz Bottles( Grey + Violet) Along With 2 FAST FLO TECH Multi Filters TM
    • 6 Additional FAST FLO TECH Multi FiltersTM
    • Cleaning Brush
    • HYDROS Multi FiltersTM contain only 100% natural coconut shell carbon in a BPA free casing and are independently tested to NSF 42 standards to reduce over 90% of Chlorine and 99% of Sediment (Particulate Class 1) Filters should be replaced every 2 months or 40 Gallons.

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