64 oz Water Pitcher Pale Blue With Filter

No need to set your alarm to filter ever again. With no bulky reservoir this pitcher is powered by the HYDROS Multi FilterTM and fills up completely in about 1 minute.

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  • Filter Fast: Fills 64 oz. in about 1 minute
  • Filter Once: No slow reservoir to fill twice
  • Filter Well: Independently tested for NSF 42/Class 1 Level
  • Includes 1 HYDROS Multi FilterTM powered by FAST FLO TECH
  • Filters 5 times faster than the competition
  • 64 oz. / 8 cup capacity
  • BPA-free plastic with soft-touch decorative silicon base and handle
  • Hand wash vessel and cap with mild soap, made easier with our cleaning brush
  • 6” length x 5.25” width x 10.8” height
  • Weighs 1.05 lbs. unfilled

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Product Features

Flip Top Lid

Flip top for one-handed faster, easier filling.

Snap on HYDROS Multi FilterTM and infuser are easy to install.

Pouring spout self-regulates flow of water to prevent gushing.

HYDROS Multi FilterTM

HYDROS Multi FilterTM is independently tested to highest particle filtration standard for drinking water (NSF 42 / Class 1) to reduce over 90% of Chlorine and 99% of Sediment (Particulate Class 1)

Our proprietary FAST FLO TECH filter uses only 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-Free casing.

Replace filters every 40 gallons or approximately every 2 months if refilling about 1.3 times daily.

Filter installation


Fills in about 1 minute.

Filters 5 times faster than the competition.

No bulky, awkward reservoir to wait on.


Sturdy, stylish design decorated with a colorful silicon base and handle.

Designed to fit the height of most refrigerator shelves.

Weighs less than 60% of comparable competitive pitchers.

Uses 50% less material than its competitors.

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