• Mission:

    Elevating the way we get


  • We believe in simplifying, without sacrificing

    With a commitment to sustainability and the most intuitive approach to hydration for today’s modern lifestyle. We believe in Transcending Utility - Beautiful Products designed around superior performance and technology. Why settle for one or the other when you can have both

  • The Values We Live By

    Detailed — Hydros is committed to the philosophies of design beautiful, intuitive products that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle whether at home or on the go.

    Inclusive — Hydros believes in making amazingly beautiful and functional products that are accessible to everyone. They are welcoming like a warm smile from a friend.

    Revolutionary — Hydros believes in questioning the leaders and raising the bar.

    DOING MORE – WITH LESS - Less time waiting, fewer filters, less space in your fridge, less single use plastic in your trash and in our oceans. Because of our fast-flo tech filters and efficient design, we also use less materials overall. We do More – with Less, so you can too.

    Commitment to Clean Oceans – Hydros contributes 1% of all sales to organizations dedicated to keeping our waterways clean & keeping single use plastic out of our oceans.